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Death Metal

Label: Unique Leader Records Format: CD
ABOMINABLE PUTRIDITY - IN THE END OF HUMAN SUFFERINGStyle:     Death MetalTRACKLIST: 1. Intracranial Parasite, 2. Entrails Full Of Vermin, 3. Blindfold Surgery. 4. Skin Removal, 5. Dissected From Within, 6. Throat Fisting Abortion, 7. Intestinal Putrefaction, 8. Vict..
Label: Century Media Format: CDB
ABRAMELIN - TRANSGRESSING THE AFTERLIFEStyle:     Death MetalTRACKLIST:CD 1 :Transgression From Acheron MCD           1-1. Human Abattoir, 1-2.Humble Abode, 1-3. Dearly Beloved, 1-4. Relish The Blood,"Previously Unreleased" : 1-5..
Label: Red Stream Format: CD
ABSCESS - DAMNED AND MUMMIFIEDStyle:     Death MetalTRACKLIST: 1. Through The Trash Darkly, 2. Empty Horizon, 3. Swallow The Venom, 4. Caverns Of Hades, 5. The Dead Are Smiling At Me, 6. Twilight Bleeds, 7. Lust For The Grave, 8. The Dream Is Dead, 9. Damned And Mumm..
Label: Peaceville Format: CDD
ABSCESS - DAWN OF INHUMANITY (DIGIBOOK)Style:     Death MetalTRACKLIST: 1. Goddess Of Filth And Plague, 2. Torn From Tomorrow, 3. Never Sane Again, 4. Dawn Of Inhumanity, 5. The Rotting Land, 6. Dead Haze, 7. What Have We Done To Ourselves?, 8. Dark Side Of A Broken ..
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